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The things Toneshed does


Toneshed is the affordable high quality studio for full band recording in the Pop, Rock and Metal genre. Got some other recording needs? Fill in the contact form to get in touch and discuss options!


Toneshed will provide hard-hitting mixes and dedicated mastering for CD, vinyl or online playback. Recording elsewhere? No problem! Send your tracks for mixing and/or mastering only. Fill in the contact form to get a quote!


Toneshed supports all aspects of the music production process: Re-amping, Editing, Auto-Tuning, Song Writing, Pre-Production, etc. Curious? or other questions? Fill in the contact form to get in touch and discuss options!


The things Toneshed did

Kiss Of Fire - Chinawhite Mixing Mastering 2018

My Will Be Done - Souls Of Deaf Recording Mixing Mastering 2017

Infinite Hate - Radiathor Recording Mixing Mastering 2017

Helhuizen - Dead Head Mixing Mastering 2017

Condemned to Repeat - Mass Deception Recording Mixing Mastering 2016


A little about myself and the studio

Hi, my name is Erwin Hermsen and I am running Toneshed Recording Studio. I am a musician myself, playing (bass) guitar in several bands and projects (Mangled †, Spitting Nails, Battersea, The Newheads and Hacksaw). I've been recording bands since 1995. In that time I drove off to the band's rehearsal room to setup my mobile recording gear. In the middle of all the noise I managed to successfully record demo's for local bands.

After a while I decided it was time to build my own studio and invest in better gear. In 2003 the building process started and in the same year the first bands found their way to the studio.

Toneshed is a project studio, located in Horst, the Netherlands. The studio has a live- and a separate control room. The studio specializes in the Pop, Rock and Metal genre.

28 tracks can be recorded simultaneously using the Pro-Tools HD based DAW and Control24 mixing desk.

The extensive microphone collection consists of Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure and Rode microphones, as well as DDRUM triggers.

A large collection of amps and cabs can be used, such as Peavey 5150 / 6505, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Marshall JCM800 / 900, Fender Supersonic 60, ENGL Fireball and EBS Classic 350, as well as Kemper and Axe-FX pre-amps.

A standard drumkit is available, including several additional snare drums such as Pearl MMP 14x6.5, Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5 and Premier 2000.

The Waves Mercury Bundle guarantees all possible plugins to enhance the recorded material. Other plugins available: AVID, Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Native Instruments Kontakt, Toontrack, Slate Digital and many more...


Horst (L)

the Netherlands


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